Friday, October 14, 2005

Kids' World TK Park Bangkok -Thailand

Thailand knowledge Park or everybody knows is TK Park situated at Floor 6, the Central World Plaza, Bangkok, Thailand. The TK Park this idea of Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra the Prime Minister of Thailand about “A lively library”. He said “A lively library, which embraces continuous changes, with good and updated books. A library that will never die”. From his speech during the Thailand knowledge Park opening on 24 January 2004. In TK Park includes four zones. The first zone is the Living Library. Children relax while reading. They are freedom to do every thinks such as walking around, eating or drink and chat. In library have the book more than 5,000 and 150 different subjects, including entertainment, life skills, study guides, journals and magazines. The second zone is the Open Space. The children can enjoin the activities such as event “Open the door to the pre-historic world”, TK Park is welcoming the rainy season with many fresh activities, which will take you to the world of learning in a fun way. The children are self-educated. They will get creative power from activities, watching movie or theater and workshop the cartoon. The third zone is the Virtual Reality or VR room. In this room have system of knowledge combine between high technical of 3D computer graphic and game. In room have equipment for user such as Head Mounted Display, VR Glove and Head Tracking Device. The last zone is the TK Teen Shop, including TK product such as Stationery and office, supplies Pencil cases and others, TK Park caps & T-shirts and Multi-purpose bags. The children sell and make product by themselves. And the student high-school and university level, they will be owner of TK Park Coffee Corner or part time job at Tk Park.

More information:

Additional fee! 1. Every part inside is free, except VR Room and internet. You have to be a member only. 2. Member card fee For Thai: 50 Baht per year. For Foreign: 400 Baht per year. Benefits for member card - You can borrow the book from library. -You can access to VR Room and TK internet. TK internet charge - Half an hour 10 Baht for everybody. 3. Library Fee - If you would like to borrow the book from library, it’s free but you have to pay deposit for Thai book 300 Baht and foreign language book 1,000 Baht. - You can borrow only two books per time and you can take it only 1 week. - For late return you have to pay for Thai book 10 Baht and foreign language book 30 Baht per book.

How to go there:

TK Park at Central World Plaza Fl.6 is on Rajdamri Road, past the railway crossing, the road changes its name to Ploenchit, World Trade is on the right just over the traffic lights at the junction of both roads and sky train. Tel. 02-250-7620 Fax. 02-250-7619 Office Hour: Mon - Fri: 09.00 - 17.00

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