Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Wonder Calcite Cave in Thailand

Calcite Cave in ThailandLocated between Khun Yuam and Mae Sariang districts, Mae La Noi is a small district that highway 108 cuts through. The most interesting attraction of this district is Kaew Komol Cave or Calcite Cave, which is said to be the most beautiful Calcite cave in Thailand. Moreover, similar to other districts in Mae Hong Son, there are many Karen villages to visit in this district.

Kaew Komol Cave

Kaew Komol Cave (or Tham Kaew Komol or Calcite Cave) is the highlight of Mae La Noi district. The cave is located on Doi Tham, near Ban Huai Mafia. From the main highway 108 from Khun Yuam district, turn left along the way to Ban Toong Sarapee for 5 kilometers. Although this cave is accessible by car, you should drive carefully especially at the last part of the road where the road is steep and winding. This cave was discovered by a mining engineer in 1993. At that time it was still an uncharted area, until the Department of Mineral to the cave, built metal props to support the roof of the cave, built metal props to support the roof of the cave, put in electricity, and paved concrete path throughout the cave. This cave was set up as Tham kaew Komol Park under the National Park Department since 1995. The outstanding feature of kaew Komol Cave is that it is a cavern as deep as 30 meters down in the ground. Inside there are Calcite crystals that are said to be the most beautiful in Thailand. In Asia, such Calcite cave was found first at China, and second at this cave in Mae La Noi district. In order for calcium carbonate to crystallize, it will need suitable hot steam to melt calcium substance until it becomes saturated and sets solid inside the cave. This is an unusual phenomenon and thus makes Kaew Komol cave a very rare and precious cave. Kaew Komal cave could be divided into 5 halls. All linked together by the 120 meter long pathway. The most interesting halls are the fourth and the fifth ones, where pure Calcite crystals are shaped like corals and most crystals are in perfect condition. The best time to visit kaew Komol Cave is between December to February, because since the cave will be completely dry. However, since the cave is a cavern deep underground and the atmosphere might not be very airy; those who are not healthy of for enough should not enter this cave. Also, for your own safety, be sure to ask for the officer’s help in case you want to visit this cave.

Attractions nearly Kaew Komol Cave

Karen Village,Mae Hong Son - Ban Mae La Oup (Lawa village) (หมู่บ้านละว้าแม่ละอูบ) Ban Mae La Oup is situated in Huay Hom sub-district, 32 kilometers away from Mae La Noi downtown. After visiting Kaew Komol Cave, it is a good opportunity to visit some Karen villages, and one of the very interesting choices is Ban Mae La Oup. - Huai Hom Karen Village (หมู่บ้านกะเหรี่ยงห้อยห้อม) Approximately 4 kilometers away from Ban Mae La Oup is Huai Hom Karen Village. This village is the location of the Hilltribes Development Center. Villagers here do not only work in the rice farms. They also weave beautiful cloths from wools and keep orchards. So in cold season, tourists can visit these orchards and buy some fresh products from the villagers. - Mae Sa Kua Karen Village (หมู่บ้านกะเหรี่ยงแม่สะกั๊วะ) Apart form the two villages mentioned, there is another interesting Karen village located in Tha Pha Pum sub-district, 13 kilometers away from Mae La Noi downtown; That is Mae Sakua Karen Village. You can get there by driving uphill along highway 1266. Drive carefully; the road is pretty steep and winding. The highlight of this village is the way the houses are charmingly built along the hillside. Similar to other Karen villages, people in this village still maintain their own tradition, culture, and simple lifestyle very well. Other Cave in Thailand - Fantastic Cave in Pang Mapa, Mae Hong Son Source : Trips Magazine, Vol.9

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