Friday, February 10, 2006

1st World Tattoo Arts Festival Thailand

World Tattoo Arts Festival ThailandThe organizers are the Wong family who have been at the forefront of tattoo art in Thailand for years now. They are the best known tattoo artists from Thailand and also have been featured in many international magazines.

When the zenithal top of worldwide professional tattooists gathered round together for the first time of history of Siam and Southeast Asia region to show off their excellence of skillful performance of tattooing, and intend to encourage inter-exchange tattooing culture each other. Thailand is one of many countries unique in tattoo culture since ancient time, ranging from magic tattoo to aesthetical tattoo. Tattooing culture has become attractive and famous among foreign tourists. In Thailand, tattoo shop can be recognized a colorful element of tourism fascinatingly.

Over 30 years, tattoo exhibition has been established yearly for tattoo lovers in Europe, U.S.A, and Japan. The purpose of tattoo exhibition is aimed to exchange information and technology advance of tattoo implements, and provide those interested people with knowledge in tattoo art field. Physical body art and body piercing shall be demonstrated at any conference hold.

Europeans, Americans and people in Asia countries are highly interested in World Tattoo Art Festival and Exhibition Thailand, because of its first time celebration in well-know countries for tourism. In Thailand, inexpensive travel expense and media promotion spreading worldwide are prominent. Surely, “World Tattoo Art Festival & Exhibition Thailand” exhibition has been welcomed and interested among tattoo tours and public media domestically and internationally.

source: official world tattoo arts festival in Thailand website

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