Monday, June 05, 2006

Paradise, Koh Samed

Samed_RayongKoh Samed is located in Rayong. Koh Samed is one of an amazing and wonderful Island which is always full of the tourists both Thais and Foreigners all of the year. Most imagine that it is not a pleasant time to make it here in the rainy season, but this Island is different than any others because the Island is about only 7 km far from the coast of Rayong. The best pleasant time to visit Koh Samed is between Novembers to June. It goes to the hottest in April. Koh Samed is the tourism place that is far from Bangkok only about 250 km only and there is choices of different amazing shoals to deserve your different point views and imaginations. 16 shoals are available to be chosen follows the way your emotions go and what you want. Hard Saikeaw, is the longest shoal and is well known by the tourists. If you are a tourist who likes the variety, so Hard Saikeaw is one of choices you should try because of the facilities and activities are offered including seafood restaurants and bars are on the shores. Samed_Island Ao Pai, is next to the Hard Saikeaw separated only by hillocks. Most of the tourists here are foreigners who look for a normal price Bungalow with a party in the bars on the shoals. Ao Thabthim, there are not many tourists visited here. There is the only one resort available, but clean and quiet. It can be reached by walking from the Hard Saikeaw as they are not very far from each other. Ao Putra, is small and quiet. There are not many tourists to make noise here. This maybe because of Ao Putra is small which takes only a while to walk around so that is not attractive for Thais, but it is the real peacefulness for the foreigners. Ao Noina, is one of the parts for the tourists who love to be peace and personal. There are many luxurious resorts available here and it’s a great time for the tourists go swimming, reading, sun burning, doing activities on the shoals. Ao Lukyone, is one of the nice part to go swimming around the shoal and also one of the quiet part which can reach some group of the tourists. Ao Shor or Ao Thantawan, the old one name was Ao shor and it was renamed to many different names to confuse the tourists. It is actually nearby connected by the curve. It is now called by names of the resorts within each part. Ao Wongdeuan, is also well known by the tourists because most of the tourists are taken to get here by boats. It can say that this part is one of the lastest part of all parts. The activities here are kind of what the Hard Saikeaw has. Ao Seangtien, the peaceful part with the only one resort available. There is no crowded here as some others. Ao Whay, is kind of far and as far as the wonderful view is appeared and here is for the natural. Ao Giu, is for the tourists who fall in love with the real natural. The sea is blue showing an amazing view with the sky and the beach. There are places can be captured or shot the photos. You can clearly see HinKhao Island for this part. Scuba Driving is suitable here with the feeling of the sea. Ao Pakarung, is less tourists. There are nice parts to swim on the shoals and look at corals. Laemgud is a part for view that you shouldn’t miss. Samed_view Ao Phrao, is the best part for looking the sun when it rises and sets. It doesn’t take too much time from the coast, so that we can see the Thais and Foreigners here. There are 5 stars resorts for whom who want a luxurious service.

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