Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Vimanmek Mansion - Bangkok - Thailand

Vimanmek Royal Mansion Bangkok Thailand Vimanmek Mansion is the largest residence in Dusit Garden. Its elaborate architectural style reflects a western influence. The building has two right-angled wings. Each wing is 60 metres long and 20 metres high. It is a three-storey building except for the part where the King resided, which is octagonal and has four-storeys. The ground floor is brick and cement while the upper floors are built of golden teakwood planks. There are altogether 31 exhibition rooms, some of which maintain the atmosphere of the past, especially the bedrooms, the Audience Chamber and the bathrooms. Some rooms house exhibitions of art works, for example, there is a silverware display room, a ceramic display room, a glassware display room and an ivory display room. Besides Vimanmek Mansion and the Amporn Satarn Mansion in the compound of Dusit Garden or Dusit Palace (as it was later renamed by King Rama V), King Rama V allocated plots of land for the construction of residences for his Queens, consorts, sisters, daughters, and his other wives. He also named gardens, canals, gates and roads after the names of ancient Chinese porcelain commonly called “Khrueng Kim Tung”, which were very popular at the time. For example, the residence that belonged to Her Majesty Queen Srisawarindhira was named Suan Hong Residence (Swan Garden Residence). Now these residences, which are no longer used by the Royal Family and located north of Vimanmek Mansion, have been turned into museum buildings and a hall for royal coaches to be shown to the general public. Vimanmek Royal Mansion At Night Bangkok Thailand

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