Monday, August 14, 2006

See Animals at Dusit Zoo, Khao Din Wana - Bangkok - Thailand

Gibbon at Dusit Zoo Bangkok ThailandDusit Zoo, Bangkok (Thailand) is located on Rama V Road. The city’s main zoo is located in Dusit district, close to Vimanmek Palace on Ratchwithi Road. It started out as part of the Royal Dusit Garden Palace with the local name of “Khao Din Wana”. Today, much of the original tropical flora can still be found and the lush gardens make an ideal retreat from the city streets. Dusit Zoo, Bangkok, Thailand accommodates a large number of mammals, reptile and bird species including some of the rare Southeast Asian animals such as the Siamese crocodile, gaur, Sumatran rhinoceros, lesser mouse deer and the tiger. Popular animals with the kids such as hippos, bears, monkeys like can all be viewed. Zebra at Dusit Zoo Bangkok ThailandOther activities include elephant rides and animal-feeding shows. Puddle boats can be hired to go out on the lake at the center of the zoo. A bird aviary and restaurants serving reasonably priced Thai food flank the lake. Dusit Zoo, Bangkok is one relaxing place you can find in Thailand. It is one of choices for traveling. You can make a trip here from the crowded streets in Bangkok. Dusit Zoo, Bangkok, Thailand is open from 8.00 am to 6.00 am everyday.

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