Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Koh Chang Trad in Thailand

Koh Chang Located in the eastern part of Thailand Travel, Koh Chang is close to the border of Cambodia. Around 85 percent of Koh Chang , along with 50 smaller islands, is part of the Thailand Travel Koh Chang Marine National Park. Clear waters of various blue shades surround the island while a terrain of high peaks and steep cliffs provide magnificent scenic points.

In a matter of years, Koh Chang

Koh Chang Koh Chang has undergone a huge change. Back then, only the simplest accommodation was offered. But now, Koh Chang is a boom town where the range has extended from economically priced bungalows to luxury resorts. To maintain the landscape of Koh Chang as unspoiled possible, a law has been enforced to limit the height of buildings on the island at 3 storeys. Water treatment system is required for new construction projects whereas island residents are discouraged for cutting down trees.

Thailand Travel Koh Chang In 2003

Koh Chang was able to get a special status that meant less bureaucratic management while the government would finance infrastructure like waste water treatment facilities, garbage treatment sites and piers. While it is a place that faces more rapid growth, the community

tries its best to maintain an ecologically sound environment

Majority of the resorts in Koh Chang are thatched roof bungalows sitting on spacious land and long beaches. At the same time, plush hotels and resorts providing luxury services with modern architecture and amenities are fast becoming more numerous.

The beaches of Thailand Travel Koh Chang

The beaches are like characters from a fiction story which have their own trait. The most notable, White Sand Beach, is where most people get together. Restaurants, resorts, bars and pubs scatter the area making it the place to go to for nighttime entertainment. Klong Prao Beach (Had Khlong Prao) is distinct because of its more serene environment. Good for those who seek a calm and quiet vacation. The most popular area for those on a tight budget is Kai Bae Beach. Many backpacker-type accommodation are strewn on the area, but are nevertheless of good quality.

Activities Koh Chang

A wide variety of activities are available on the island. A boat trip to smaller satellite islands of the national park is the most common way of spending free time. The beach is only one of the many places to take a dip into. Trek into the interior of the island, and take a plunge in the cool waterfalls. Aside from getting a tan and a massage, a tattoo is just one of the several things that you can take home with you as a souvenir of your vacation.

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