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Dolphin Watching and Seagull Tracing

Dolphin Watching and Seagull TracingDolphin Watching November-February and Seagull Tracing November-May Venue: Chachoengsao Province and Samut Prakan Province Once a year, you can witness the miracle of season change from the rainy season to winter close to Bangkok by spending your morning at Bang Pa Kong watching dolphins, “colour of the sea”, in Chachoengsao Province and the evening observing flocks of seagulls, “colour of the sky”, in Samut Prakan Province.

First Location

The mouth of the Bang-Pa-Kong River From the end of October to February each year, people can go out into the sea with a local fisherman to the food chain area abundant with small shrimps and fishes, and eel catfishes, to find out the answer why dolphins only eat half of an eel catfish and why its head is left over. Species found there are Irrawaddy and Humpback Dolphins. Other interesting activities are watching birds of over 50 species and studying local fishermen’s way of life in their biggest snapper farm.

Second Location

Bang Pa In Seaside Resort Bang Pa In Seaside Resort, located in Bang Pu Mai District, Muang County, Samut Prakan Province, is a significant bird-watching place near to Bangkok. It has many kinds of bird there but the one that brings reputation to Bang Pa In is the seagull. Seagulls nest and lay their eggs around the lakes in Tibet and Mongolia in summer (which is the rainy season in Thailand).

Dolphin Watching and Seagull Tracing

And when the babies are strong enough, seagulls, young and old, will fly over the Indian Ocean and get to the Gulf of Thailand around early November. They will live here until they mate. After reproduction in around April-May, they will fly back to Tibet and Mongolia.

Dolphin Watching and Seagull Tracing Thailand Travel

After watching the birds, just walk into Suk Jai Pavilion where you can find a fresh seafood restaurant. On Saturday from 5-9 pm. you can enjoy the dancing and Thai classical music during your meal. Just for an additional 50 baht you can take the floor. For more information, please contact: Resort Service Office, Military Quartermaster Corps.

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