Thursday, October 27, 2005

Ayutthaya Warning

You will be happy in your trip to Ayutthaya, central of Thailand if you read it’s before coming to Ayutthaya.
- Be careful your bag, when you ride the bicycle should put your bag in basket and lock the bag with handle bicycle. - Driver should follow the traffic regulations. If you ride bicycle please show hand signal when you want to turn. - For eating please observe a logo “clean foods good place”. If you see the logo be confirm the food is safety. The famous food in Ayutthaya is boat noodle and Rote-Saimai. - In Ayutthaya city has elephant transport (Elephant Kraal Pavilion), so please be careful when you drive.Ayutthaya_temple - The top attraction in Ayutthaya is ancient places which still remain such as temples, palaces and pagodas. Some ancient places was ruined, in the past they plastered the wall of the building with cement made of shell that can deteriorate by the times. For example from the picture the main pagoda of Wat Mahathat already deteriorated so it’s very dangerous to get inside.

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