Thursday, December 08, 2005

Thailand Spa "One in Asia"

Thailand, SpaNow Spa business grows in high rate in USA, Europe, Asia and also Thailand which is called “Capital Spa of Asia”. Thailand is regarded as the most popular spa destination among tourist around the world and it grow in high rate every year.

History of Spa

Spa word comes from Latin language “Sanus Per Aquam” means take care your health by or through water. In the history of Egypt they used water for health. Roman’s soldier when return from war they will build the camp at Spa Village; small town in Belgium near a natural hot spring for bathing or soaking in water for cure, treat the wound and get rid of stiffness. Later, the hot spring was opened for public to take a bath because it has benefit for treat. Today, the meaning of Spa is covering a relaxation by nature but they still use water as the main factor together with chemical-free product.

Type of Spa

According to International Spa Association, there are seven type of Spa: 1. Hotel and Resort Spa Refers to any spas locate within hotels or resorts serving both hotel’s guests and walk-in guests include fitness, massage and sauna. Check here some Hotels SPA in Thailand: -Remarkable Grand at Marriott Resort And Spa Hotel , Thailand -Beyond the Paradise Hotel at Amanpuri Hotel, Phuket 2. Destination Spa A place which offer completed Spa experience with establishes accommodations and recreation for relaxing. The clients often stay overnight and the price will include accommodations, healthy food meals and all facilities. There are many kinds of programs with specific or general treatments for treat such as detoxification, relaxation, stress reduction, body and mind enrichment, lose weight, yoga and more. 3. Medical Spa The spa will located in hospital or clinics, they provide traditional or complementary medical services with the medical professional. 4. Day Spa and City Spa The spa will service in short time about 1-5 hours, they focus on beauty and relaxation programs, such as facial and body treatment, manicure, pedicure, hair treatment and massage. The locations are cities or business center such as airport, shopping center and accommodations. 5. Mineral Spring Spa This spa using a natural spring which has been developed to be a tourist attraction. 6. Club Spa The place for exercise and has spa combined with a fitness centre, sauna and yoga. 7. Cruise Ship Spa These spa services in the cruise ship for relax with useful diet, massage and beauty for the passengers.

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