Monday, March 06, 2006

Floating Market Show in Damoen Saduak

Floating Market Traders

Thailand always was famous for its floating markets. Everybody planning a trip to Thailand has seen the photos of rivers crowded with boats selling all kinds of delicious looking foods. These photos are normally taken in Bangkok which makes one believe easily that this is the only place with floating markets. Actually, there are many other famous floating markets all around Thailand that can be visited.

One of those is in Damoen Saduak which is about 100km west of Bangkok. As you can imagine, they don’t have as many tourists coming as in Bangkok which means also not as many souvenir shops and that results in a much more local market which is really like it always used to be and dint adapt to tourist groups.

The traders sit in their boats and sell their goods to people living in the houses right at the ricer as well as to each other. If you have never seen a floating market before, the sight of the narrow boats overflowing with fruits and other food products is not to miss.

Damoen Saduak has a daily floating market but in March one can also witness the “sea boxing”, several cooking demonstrations and boat competitions. This is done every year and thst why March is a good month to go there. From the 25th until the 27th of March these competitions and demonstrations are held so try to go in this period of time.

Floating Market River

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