Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Baiyoke Tower, Bangkok - Thailand

View From Baiyoke Bangkok Thailand - The Baiyoke Tower was opened in 1998. - This building is 309 metres tall or about the height of 182 people standing one on top of the other. - There are 1,740 windowpanes in the building. About the same number of windowpanes can be used for over 200 townhouses. - The area inside this building is about 30 football fields. - There are altogether 2,060 steps from the bottom to the top. It takes more than one hour to reach the top. The Bangkok Observation is located at the top of Baiyoke Sky, the tallest tower in the Kingdom of Thailand. - 76th Floor: Sky Buffet - 77th Floor: Observation Deck - 84th Floor: Rovolving Roof Deck

Sky Buffet: (76th floor)

Bufffet lunch 11:00am - 2pm - adult 310 Bht and children 155 Bht Dinner 5:30pm - 10:00pm - adult 410 baht and children 205 baht

Getting Up There:

- If you are at the ground floor of the building, go up the glass elevator behind the ticket booth to the 77th floor, an observation deck, then take another elevator to the 83rd floor before walking up the stairs to the Sky Walk Revolving deck on the 84th. - If you are at the parking lot, take the elevator down to the ground floor and then follow the instruction above. The view is far better than taking an elevator up from the parking lot. Baiyoke Tower A Day Bangkok ThailandBaiyok Tower At Night Bangkok Thailand

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