Thursday, June 08, 2006

Siam Niramit, the miracle of Thailand

Siam_Niramit_BKK Siam Niramit is a grandiose tour through Thai culture and history taking its audience back in time to mystical bygone eras. It is impressed by an amazing history of Thailand which is from the love. It keeps the culture of Thailand and it is full of the feeling of the magical and illusions in the shows. However, anywhere you impress in the world; Siam Niramit can make an impression not less than any others in the world as well. We are Thais proud of it which it can build reputation for the country to the world. Wonderful_scene_at_Siam_Niramit The Siam Niramit is the world’s performance which is a new way of Thai style entertainment. The beautiful of the scene can call the smiles on your face for the new style shows of culture and tradition. You will feel the imagination in the reality with the modern scene. The show is extremely lavish and designed with both locals and visitors in mind. Nothing has been spared. The stage scenery is as ornate as you are going to find anywhere in the world; the costumes spectacular, and the set crammed with technology that makes this a state-of-the-art production. The show offers a live elephant, magical illusions, aerial performances, acrobatics, pyrotechnics, special effects, stunts, and literally a cast of thousands. Illusion_scene_at_Siam_Niramit The Siam Niramit is completed by the creative professional producer team and more than 150 actors/actresses who has been chosen and trained for this special event in order to be able to express the power at the same time they play on the stage. Siam Niramit is the modern shows of the historical of Thai culture and tradition; we take the “Siam Niramit” to support for the tourism of Thailand to impress the tourists from all over the world. Amazing_scene_at_Siam_Niramit The Siam Niramit complex is located on an enormous plot of land in central Bangkok (opposite the Thailand Cultural Centre) and cost 1.5 billion baht to build – an enormous investment for a culturally themed entertainment. It houses model villages from Thailand’s main regions and offers restaurants that seat up to 800 guests. The cuisine the restaurants offer is so traditional, there is a good chance local Thai’s visiting Siam Niramit might not have tasted it before. The_scene_of_Siam_Niramit

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