Monday, October 31, 2005

Pai-Mae Hong San in Thailand

Pia is a small town located at Mae Hong San the north of Thailand midway between Chiang Mai and Mae Hong San, from Bangkok to Mae Hong San about 924 kilometers.

Prominent point of Pai

Is easy every day life and good weather, which cool all year. Every where in here you will see easy lifestyle of Thai Yai such as in the morning you go to market, you can find easy something to eat such as noodle, coffee and local food. In Thailand if any place the food is different, local food of Pai mostly made of bean because Mae Hong San has Thai Yai group they like to eat bean. Tourist can study culture of Thai Yai from food, lifestyle, festival and house.

Top destinations of Pai

Pai_hot spring

Are Hot Spring, Huai Nam Dang National Park and Mae Surin Waterfall. At Pai has many hot spring such as Pong Duad Hot Spring, Tha Pai Hot Spring,and Muang Paeng Hot Spring. Interest hot spring is Pong Duad Hot Spring because the hot spring is Geyser type has high temperature and pressure. Sometimes, hot spring will have 2 meters height, not far away. If safety, tourist not to live near hot spring, there is mineral bath for tourists. Pai has many activities for tourist such as ride bicycle, ride the elephant and rafting Pai River.

How to go there

You can go to Pai by Bus and car. From Chiang Mai used time about 8 hours to Pai by bus. And has Thai airway from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong San daily.

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Ayutthaya Warning

You will be happy in your trip to Ayutthaya, central of Thailand if you read it’s before coming to Ayutthaya.
- Be careful your bag, when you ride the bicycle should put your bag in basket and lock the bag with handle bicycle. - Driver should follow the traffic regulations. If you ride bicycle please show hand signal when you want to turn. - For eating please observe a logo “clean foods good place”. If you see the logo be confirm the food is safety. The famous food in Ayutthaya is boat noodle and Rote-Saimai. - In Ayutthaya city has elephant transport (Elephant Kraal Pavilion), so please be careful when you drive.Ayutthaya_temple - The top attraction in Ayutthaya is ancient places which still remain such as temples, palaces and pagodas. Some ancient places was ruined, in the past they plastered the wall of the building with cement made of shell that can deteriorate by the times. For example from the picture the main pagoda of Wat Mahathat already deteriorated so it’s very dangerous to get inside.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Wat Chaiwatthanaram-Ayutthaya

Wat Chaiwatthanaram is the beautiful ancient temple of Ayutthaya and the major tourist attraction”
Wat_ChaiwatthanaramWat Chaiwatthanaram is situated on the bank of the Chao Phraya River, in the west of the Ayutthaya city island, central of Thailand. Wat Chaiwatthanaram was established at the command of King Prasat Thong in 1630 A.D to integrity his mother. The architecture was similar to that of Angkor temple (conceived as a duplicate from Cambodia) and also the same to wat Arun, Bangkok. This Main Phra Prang name is “Phra Prang Sriratanahathat”, standing 35 meters tall, located on square and four smaller prangs. The cloister around main Prang were placed Buddha images. Buddha images in temple are Pang Manvichai style (one of Buddha gesture). There is the river in font of Ubosot which faces toward to the East. Principle Buddha image in the temple made of red sandstone and the battlements made of green stone. Flank of Ubosot have two pagodas station wide 12 meters and tall 12 maters.

More information:

Open daily: 08.30 a.m. – 06.00 p.m. Admission Fee: Thai 10 Bahts per person Foreign 30 Bahts per person How to go there: You can go by boat, car and bicycle.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Guide to Ayutthaya

AyuthayaIn the past, Ayutthaya was the Thai capital for 417 years and now Ayutthaya became ancient city of Thailand. Situated at 86 kilometers north of Bangkok spend time around 2 hours from Bangkok. From Bangkok you can go to Ayutthaya by train (Hua Lamphong Station), van (fashion mall at victory monument), bus (Mochit 2 Bus Terminal) and car. I choose to go to Ayutthaya by van (60 Bahts per person) because the driver will send me to the area where I can rent bicycle near the market. You can go inside Ayutthaya by bicycle, motorcycle and car frog (same songteaw, but smaller). The price for rent bicycle is 30 Baht per day. When you rent the bicycle; they will give you the map. There are bicycle tracks around the capital city and you can ride bicycle inside the area in some place. The sightseeing in Ayutthaya is Ayutthaya Historical Park, Chao Sam Phraya National Museum (09.00 a.m. until 4.00 p.m.), Royal Palace and Wat Chaiwatthanaram. The Admission fee is 10 Bahts per place.
The backward roads of Ayutthaya teacher's college are Masjid community; “Roti-Saimai” (kind of Indian food made of flour and stuff with suger) is famous here. The price of Roti-Saimai about 60 Bahts per kilo. In Ayutthaya have many kinds of places to stay such as guest houses, home stays and hotels. Guest houses near market inside the town the price about 200 Bahts per day.

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Pa-La-u Waterfall Thailand

Pa-La-u WaterfallThe beautiful waterfall in Hua Hin is Pa-La-u waterfall which located at Kaengkrajan National Park, Prachuapkhirikhan. This water is not far from Hua Hin. The Eco-tourist likes to come here, where plentiful of animal and national forest, especially various kinds of butterflies and birds.
Pa-La-u in Karen language means bamboo forest; they called Pa-La-u because there are many bamboos in this area.


- Waterfall Waterfall has 15 tiered, the first to four tier a small waterfall, since five tiered up size of waterfall will bigger and higher. The best time to visit the fall is from November to April when the fall is its most beautiful. - Butterflies, birds and animals The best time to watch butterflies is from 7.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m. in April to July. Because there are groups of butterflies in this time, they fly near salt earth, canal and waterfall. In Pa-La- U waterfall you can see wild animal such as elephants, Gaurs, leopards and deers.

More information

The waterfall can be reached by local transportation from Hua Hin for a distance of 63 kilometers and open daily. For more information, call the Kaeng Krachan National Park at 032 459293.

The ticket

Thai Child 10 Baht per person Adult 20 Baht per person Foreign Child 10 Baht per person Adult 200 Baht per person

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Friday, October 21, 2005

Flower Arrangements

Basic “Krathong”

KrathongKrathong, the elegant little boat set adrift on waterways during the Loi Krathong Festival (Perhaps the Loveliest of Thai festival Loi Krathong honors the water spirits through the launching of little candlelit boats), belong to the bai-sri category, the base being composed of banana leaves folded to resemble an open lotus blossom. This is then decorated with flowers, incense sticks and lighted candles and sent out as an offering to the water spirits on the sight of the full-moon in the 11th lunar month, usually in late October or early November. In recent years, Krathong have been made of colorful papers arranged around a base of Styrofoam.

Ornate “Krathong”

According to legend, Loy Krathong originated in Sukhothai, as a palace pastime in which royal ladies competed to see who could produce the most spectacular Krathong. The same sense of competition remains today, with some creations towering more than 3 feet high in a variety of fantastic shapes. Prizes are awarded to the most imaginative.


Bai-sri is special creations used in a number of Thai ceremonies. These are based on a structure of deftly folded banana leaves, which are then further adorned with such flowers as jasmine and sometimes food. Bai-sri cham, for instance, has a central banana-leaf cone filled with cooked rice topped by a hard-boiled egg; surrounding it are other cones decorated with various flowers. This is often given as a token of respect by a student to a teacher or student to a tech or presented as a good-luck offering to infants.

“Jad Paan”

Jad Pana, or bowl arrangements, are also called “poom”, because of the traditional rounded pyramidal shape, which resembles a budding lotus. The core, 4 to 8 inches high, is made of moistened earth, sawdust, of Styrofoam. The entire core is tightly embedded with flowers which resemble multi-colored pieces of porcelain. Bowl arrangements are often used in wedding ceremonies, when they are placed beneath the hands of the bride and groom, to receive holy water poured by the guests.

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Climbing Railay - Krabi

“Specific characteristic of climbing sport is coordination of body, mind and equipment which will train your for body fill firm, and make your mind equanimity, tolerance and discretion. You can find all of its from climbing sport”. Mr. Narin Ngamwong climbing guide of King Climbers schools, located in Railay in Southern Thailand close to Krabi said.

History Railay climbingRailay-climbing

Community of mountaineer Railay had begun from power of young man in the located. Their names are King, Tax, Din, Luang, Pol and Jak. As they were the first young fishermen to train climbing from pioneer foreigner. After that they became the original pillar of Railay, they built lay the foundation of climbing. Afterwards they became the teacher for beginner. Some of them are the owner of climb equipment shop.

Nowadays Railay Climbing

At present Railay has 6 shops is King Climbers, Taxrock Climbing, Krabi Rock climbing, cliff man, Hard rock and Rock shop. Every shop have climbing guide or Rattaman about 3-10 person by shop size. The duties of the climbing guides are leading to climb, helping, training for beginner and they will be buddy for lonely mountaineer. For traveler, if you want to climb in Railay, do not climb alone. You can find buddy from climbing shop and rent climbing equipment. In Railay has a climbing club, they give convenient for mountaineer such as safety and information. All climbing shop in Railay is owned by Thai people but most of the customer is foreigner about 90-95 percent.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Railay Krabi

If you talk about Railay Beach with general Thai people maybe they don’t know but for the traveler, they know very well that this is the place for rock climbing. In the past, Railay is the name of small fishermen village which is the part of Phra Nang cave beach not island as someone think. But its geography is surround by the mountain so you have only one way to go, that is by boat. Now the government has a project to construct a road through Railay Beach but conservationist have against it because they worrying about pollution.

What to do in Railay?

1. Rock climbing!
If you want to climbing, Railay is a landmark of rock climbing in Thailand. Its geography is Limestone Mountain which is proper for climbing.
2. Phra Nang Cave Beach
Most of the beach is white and clear and tail of the beach has Phra Nang cave where is the place for sunbathe.
3. Railay West
On Railay West it has resort, restaurant and ferry landing. Everyday at 9 a.m. it has ferryboat from Nang bay drop in here for pick up and send the tourist to Phi Phi Island.
4. Railay East
Most of the Railay East is mangrove forest (forest at the estuary of a river). There is many good restaurant, delicious seafood and don’t miss nightlife here.
5. Other activities
You can go to Tonsai Beach which is more peaceful than others beach and take a long tail boat for sightseeing around the island and other island also.

How to go there?

Railay located at Ao Phra Nang, Krabi province, the south of Thailand. It has 2 ways to go to Railay. - Take long tail boats from Chaofa Pier in Krabi city, its take about 45 minutes. The price about 50 Baht per person.
- The car from Ao Nam Mao, its take about 15 minutes. The price about 30 Baht per person.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Buffalo Race Festival

History of Buffalo Racing

Buffalo racing is a traditional festival of Chon Buri, Thailand since 100 years ago. The day before full moon night of the eleventh Lunar month (period of Buddhist’s lent) at Wat Yai Intharam will be held this festival. In the festival has religious ceremony called “Tedmahachart” (the monks give a sermon about story of Gautama Buddha as Vessantara). Most of the owner which gifts of the Buddhist priests is farmer and gardener. They used yoke for transfering the offerings of monk such as paddy, rice, raw betel nut, coconut, banana and sugar cane etc. They decorate the cart with the curtain which made of flower. It’s very beautiful. When the cart arrive at the temple at the same time, it’s make the temple crowded with buffalos (about 26 buffalos) and people. In the afternoon, group of carter will go to the lotus pool with their buffalo which far from temple for feed their buffalo. At that time, if they want an amusement they will challenge the others for buffalo racing. The rule is you have to ride buffalos until reach the finish line for the first, the main point is you have to go along with your buffalo also if you fall from buffalo, you lose. But you know buffalo is not like a horse and it hardly to control so almost of the competitor will fall from buffalo, it’s make the audiences funny. After the racing end the winner will ride his buffalos to the market for show his power. Later year, others neighbor groups are join with this racing so it becomes a local tradition festival.

Activities in buffalo racing tradition this year are;buffalo-race-festival

• Buffalo racing which classified by size • Healthy contest of buffalo • Fashion contest of buffalo which the concept is beautiful, creative and fun. • Parade of decorated cart • Others

More information

Date: 17 October, 2005 Place: The field of city hall in Chon Buri (the Eastern of Thailand) Tel: 0-3827-0070, 0-3842-8750

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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Wat Arun Bangkok-Thailand

“Pay respect to a Buddha image in a temple at Wat Arun, your life will be prosper”
The original name is Wat Makok. Today every person knows is Wat Arun the temple of dawn. It stands on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River in Thon Buri. When 1767, King Takin and his army reached this place to build his new capital Thonburi. And He renamed from Wat Makok to Wat Jaeng. After that King Rama II. He repair temple, build four smaller tower (Phar Prang) and renamed temple is Wat Arun Ratchawararam. Wat Arun is an important part of Thai history because The Emerald Buddha from Vientiane, Laos is enshrined there before move to Wat Phra Kaeo. Prominent point of Wat Arun is Phar Phang, it’s a large tower in Thailand. Phar Phang is 81 meters high and is surrounded by smaller prangs.

Wat Arun Festival:

Wat Arun Festival is concept was set out to bring together ancient performing arts and free spirit of Thailand. The first time of festival in 2000, under concept of “When come Alive”. The festival about March or April every year. The activity on Wat Arun festival such as Thai traditional dramatic performance (Li-kea), monkey show, Thai-style antiphon and Thai games.

How to go there:

You can go to Wat Arun by Boat (Take a cross-river ferry at Tha Tien Pier, ticket 3 Baht per person), car and Bus (no. 19, 57 and 83). Wat Arun Ratchawararam is located on the west side of Chao Phaya River, Arun Amarin Road, Kwang Wat Arun, Khet Bangkok Yai, Bangkok

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Friday, October 14, 2005

Kids' World TK Park Bangkok -Thailand

Thailand knowledge Park or everybody knows is TK Park situated at Floor 6, the Central World Plaza, Bangkok, Thailand. The TK Park this idea of Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra the Prime Minister of Thailand about “A lively library”. He said “A lively library, which embraces continuous changes, with good and updated books. A library that will never die”. From his speech during the Thailand knowledge Park opening on 24 January 2004. In TK Park includes four zones. The first zone is the Living Library. Children relax while reading. They are freedom to do every thinks such as walking around, eating or drink and chat. In library have the book more than 5,000 and 150 different subjects, including entertainment, life skills, study guides, journals and magazines. The second zone is the Open Space. The children can enjoin the activities such as event “Open the door to the pre-historic world”, TK Park is welcoming the rainy season with many fresh activities, which will take you to the world of learning in a fun way. The children are self-educated. They will get creative power from activities, watching movie or theater and workshop the cartoon. The third zone is the Virtual Reality or VR room. In this room have system of knowledge combine between high technical of 3D computer graphic and game. In room have equipment for user such as Head Mounted Display, VR Glove and Head Tracking Device. The last zone is the TK Teen Shop, including TK product such as Stationery and office, supplies Pencil cases and others, TK Park caps & T-shirts and Multi-purpose bags. The children sell and make product by themselves. And the student high-school and university level, they will be owner of TK Park Coffee Corner or part time job at Tk Park.

More information:

Additional fee! 1. Every part inside is free, except VR Room and internet. You have to be a member only. 2. Member card fee For Thai: 50 Baht per year. For Foreign: 400 Baht per year. Benefits for member card - You can borrow the book from library. -You can access to VR Room and TK internet. TK internet charge - Half an hour 10 Baht for everybody. 3. Library Fee - If you would like to borrow the book from library, it’s free but you have to pay deposit for Thai book 300 Baht and foreign language book 1,000 Baht. - You can borrow only two books per time and you can take it only 1 week. - For late return you have to pay for Thai book 10 Baht and foreign language book 30 Baht per book.

How to go there:

TK Park at Central World Plaza Fl.6 is on Rajdamri Road, past the railway crossing, the road changes its name to Ploenchit, World Trade is on the right just over the traffic lights at the junction of both roads and sky train. Tel. 02-250-7620 Fax. 02-250-7619 Office Hour: Mon - Fri: 09.00 - 17.00

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Firefly At Samut Songkhram Province

When the tourist come to Samut Songkhram, central of Thailand about 72 kilometers from Bangkok. All most of them want to see firefly at night. But sometimes they are disappointed due to firefly don’t appear. This experience will not occur if the tourist prepares them self and information well. On holiday such as Saturday and Sunday it, have many tourists come so maybe the boats are not enough. Please contact boat supplier for advantage.
Firefly, Lightning bug A small insect that produces flashes of light when it flies at night.

How to prepare your trip?

• Normal we can see firefly all year, but the best time to see is summer and rainy season, especially rainy season since May – October. • The best time to see is in you can see the waning moon because light of firefly clearly and should be the period of flood tide since oarsman can oar boat near cork tree. Firefly often to hold on it. • Sailing on the night time to see firefly along the river and canal. The oarsman should have skillful of route and know well where the firefly live.

How to go there?

If you want to see this firefly, you can go to Samut Songkhram province, central of Thailand by car, bus and train. It’s far from Bangkok 72 kilometers, located southwest of Bangkok more information tel: 0 3471 4881.

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