Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Ko Samui – Thailand

Ko_SamuiSamui Island or Koh Samui is a popular seaside place for foreign tourists who travel Thailand; is located at Surat Thani province on gulf of Thailand. In 2004 more than 775,765 tourists have traveled to Samui Island. Net income from tourism of Samui Island is about 10,319 million Bahts, it made income for local people about thought. When add Thai tourists who come to Samui about 161,998 peoples, it made income about 996 million Bahts. In this year, anticipate Samui Island estimates a better economic to Surat Thani province total income at 11,315 Million Bahts.
After the Tsunami disaster on last 26th December 2004, thereafter numerous number of foreign tourist change destination to travel from Andaman seaside to gulf of Thailand. Especially ko Samui, ko Chang, Hua Hin and Cha am, so these places got a higher rating from the tourists.

The important factors that support tourism of Samui are;

- A lot of tourists were afraid of the earthquake that came together with tsunami so that they avoided travel to Andaman Seaside. - Mutinously event of the Southward of Thailand caused effect to Malaysia and Singapore markets because they prefer to travel to Thailand by car. - Sabotage at Bali on October 2004 caused the tourists avoid going to Bali so they change the destination to another beaches of Asia.

Economic growth of Samui Island, Thailand

- Accommodation’s business such as hotels and resorts more than 390 places which total rooms about 12,800. Noticeable increasing the number of luxury hotels and resorts in Samui Island were made for supporting upper market group of tourists. - Souvenir’s service such as batik, product made of coconut shell, screened T-shirt and decorations will have value about 2,500 million Bahts. - Restaurant and fast foods business will have value about 2,300 Million Bahts. - Entertainment’s business such as spa, traditional massage and tourist attraction example crocodile farm, Samui zoo, snake farm, butterfly farm, Thai buffalo village and center of monkey show will have value about 1,700 million Bahts.

When to go travel Samui Island

The best time to travel to Samui Island is from January to May; in this period you can enjoy sport water in the calm sea with sunshine and no rain.

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