Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Beaches of Phuket Part 1: Patong Beach

Thailand Phuket Patong Beach Above

The (in)famous beach of Phuket

In the first part of “Beaches of Phuket” I’m starting with Patong which is probably by far the most famous of all and that’s not always because the beach is the most beautiful. It is more famous for its nightlife than anything else. It is the ideal place to party and play so it might not be the most suitable area for everybody.

When coming to Thailand, don’t forget that Phuket is one of the richest areas in Thailand. Don’t expect to see only small street vendors selling food, clothing and all kinds of other things. Yes, you do have them but they are getting quite rare here. What you will also see is many McDonalds, KFCs, Starbucks, Burger Kings and many other fast food outlets. Besides there are many very good international and Thai restaurants catering to the foreigners coming to the island. There will not be a single cuisine you cannot get on Patong.

Thailand Phuket Patong Beach

In the daytime Patong has a lot of activites to offer. You can choose from several parasail and jet ski operators if you want some excitement or do any of the many available water sports like surfing, wind surfing, sailing or just take a banana boat for some action.

Like on all other beaches in Thailand, masseuses, vendors selling everything from food to T-Shirts or watches are looking for your attention.

Other activities available at Patong or things you can plan for at Patong include diving, bungee jumping, water-skiing or you can make arrangements for a Harley Davidson tour, a favorite among travelers.

In the night time, Patong gets very busy. Numerous small bars, go go bars, restaurants, nightclubs, shows and other entertainment possibilities make up Patongs nightlife and that’s what makes Patong so (in)famous.

Thailand Phuket Patong Night

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