Thursday, June 08, 2006

Impressive Khaosarn - Bangkok - Thailand

Hanging out in Khaosarn Road Bangkok ThailandKhaosarn road is a short road in central Bangkok, Thailand. It is popular among budget tourists for its relatively cheap accommodations compared to other areas of central Bangkok. There is a history for the name of “Khaosarn”(Rice which isn’t cooked). In the past, this place was for selling rice but in the present, this place is one of the tourism places which are full of night clubs and cheap goods can be bargained on the street. Eating in Khaosarn Road Bangkok ThailandThe night clubs here on Khaosarn Road are very famous for foreigners or even Thai people as the costs are not too high. There are many kinds of clubs including opened bars both budget ones until luxurious ones are appeared here that you can take a rest to have some talks and share their travel experiences. Foreigners can be found here the most in this place especially on the International music festival. Talking with Tuktuk in Khaosarn Road Bangkok ThailandKhoasarn Road has so many services available to welcome all of the tourists. Here you can find so many different kinds of people with different cultures, different personalities. However, how they are different, but still one thing they do the same here is enjoying sitting in the opened bars beside with beers, talking and looking around with the smiles on their faces for the circumstances around the Khaosarn Road. Some love it, some hate it here but it's worth walking down even if you don't plan to stay here. Calling for Tuktuk in Khaosarn Road Bangkok ThailandAn extensive market with a huge range of goods, from cheap clothes to Thai handicrafts, many inexpensive restaurants and all the different types of people that come here can make it a interesting experience. Somewhat surprisingly, the nearby backstreets retain a genuinely Thai feeling, much more so than Bangkok's other main tourist accommodation areas, Sukhumvit and Silom.

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