Thursday, June 29, 2006

Kwan Phayao - Phayao Lake - Thailand

Kwan Phayao Lake Thailand Kwan Phayao Thailand This natural lake having clear and clean water occupies a space of 12,831 rais. It is beautiful and a breeding source for fresh water fishes, especially the freshwater pla buek catfish. There are a lot of food shops locted along the bank suitable for dining and relaxing in the evening in during the sunset. A large, permanent, freshwater lake (1,980 ha), fringed by approximately 3,000 ha of rice paddy to the south and west and with a marshy area and some old oxbows (c.300 ha) at the northern end where the Nam Mae Ing empties into the lake. There is also some inflow from the Mae Tam which empties into the lake from the south. The eastern shore of the lake is largely built-up, and the town of Phayao lies near the southeast corner. The lake empties to the east, via the Nam Mae lag, into the Mekong. The water level is controlled by a sluice gate and a spillway; the mean depth is 1.7m, and the pH varies from 6.0-9.1. Kwan Phayao is one of the largest semi-natural wetlands in northern Thailand. Thirty-six species of aquatic plants have been recorded. Najas graminea and Ceratophyllum demersum are the predominant submerged plants. There is also much Salvinia cucullata, Eichhornia crassipes, Nelumbo nucifera, and some Scirpus grossus. Adjacent areas are almost entirely cultivated (mainly rice paddy with some maize, groundnuts and tobacco). The lake is in public ownership, but the adjacent shoreline is mainly privately owned. Surrounding areas are privately owned farmland, much of which is leased to tenant farmers.

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