Saturday, March 18, 2006

Bangkok Thieves Market

Bangkok Thieves MarketIn addition to Bangkok’s big Chatuchak weekend market, there are other retail locales with less savory reputations. The Nakhon Kasem market in Chinatown is still referred to colloquially as the Thieves’ Market due to its beginnings as a massive outlet for fencing stolen goods. Now you’re just as likely to find piles of odious crap like busted calculators or shredded tires, but there are also vendors who specialize in pre-aged antiques (i.e. antiques) and other fine imitation work.

Best buys include brassware, imitation antiques, old furniture, Chinese porcelains, and industrial supplies. The thieves market is located near Chinatown and is correctly called Nakhon Kasem. It is not spectacular, but still worth a visit.

And the Thieves’ Market runs every day, though it does get busier on weekends. I doubt the guy pictured above gets much busier, though.

Source: Gridskipper and World66

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