Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Human Imagery Museum, Wax Museum - Thailand

Human_Imagery_Museum_Thailand Located at Km.31, Pinklao-Nakhon Chaisi Road, the museum houses life-like sculptures created bye group of Thai artists, after 10 years of intensive study and hard work. These breathtaking figures are displayed in four sections: ''The Great Buddhist Monks", ''Former Kings of the Chakri Dynasty, One Side of Thai Life" and "Playing Chess." The Thai Human Imagery Museum contains the wonderfully painstaking work of a group of Thai artists, who decided to depict in life-like wax figures various sides of Thai life. The display is divided into sections such as the Great Buddhist Monks, the Chakri Dynasty and Thai Life in General. To give an idea of the work that went into making these figures, each individual hair was inserted into its own aperture on the head. No wigs; that would have been cheating! The figures are stunningly lifelike and well worth seeing. The museum is open to public from 9.00 am-5.30 pm on weekdays and 8.30 am-6.00 pm on Saturday and Sunday and the admission fee is 200 baht. The_Royalty_Wax_at_Human_Imagery_Museum_Thailand



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