Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Safari World, The world of Animals - BKK

Stretching 8 KM and lasting 45 Minutes, a drive through the scenic Safari Park presents a unique opportunity for the closest encounter possible with rare and endangered species of the animal kingdom. Explore Nature’s numerous wonders in their original splendor and respond to the call of the wild, while remaining in the comfort of your car or coach. Witness the truly breathtaking Tiger & Lion Feeding Show, the only one of its kind anywhere in the world. And exciting and fulfilling adventure awaits you at Safari Park.

Dolphin Show

Dolphin_Show_in_Safari_World_Bangkok_Thailand The most intelligent of marine creatures will captivate you with their effortless mastery of the most difficult tricks! Get them to kiss you or shake hands with you! Marvel at dolphins somersaulting in mid-air, tossing balls with their fins and singing in a chorus, or performing dives unrivaled in their gracefulness and witness.

Stunt Show

Stunt_Show_in_Safari_World_Bangkok_Thailand Let Safari World in Bangkok Thailand bring you straight into the lawless territory of the wild west, where combos and bandits jostle for power with the intricate knock-downs, gunfights, bullwhips, fistfights and horseplay. Run for your life as explosives are hailed in you direction. Gasp and then heave a sigh of relief as stunts right before your very eyes. Participate in the funniest goose-chase peppered with the least expected of dramatic twists and turns!!!

Jungle Cruise

Jungle_Cruise_in_Safari_World_Bangkok_Thailand Somewhere deep inside the tropical jungle lurk hungry crocodiles, primitive headhunters and ferocious gorillas. Gather your courage. Take a fun-filled water flume ride through uncharted territory and maneuver through thick reeds for the most exciting adventure you’ll ever have!!!

Sea lion show

Sea_Lion_Show_in_Safari_World_Bangkok_Thailand “Lighthouse Cove” will never be the same again with its new occupants. This quiet town along the pacific coast will be turned upside down when our Sea Lion friends wreak havoc as they pull one trick after another. Chiefs of Mischief take control!!!

Spy War

Spy_War_in_Safari_world_Bangkok_Thailand Our secret agent Sean Sacco has a mission to fulfil: to get Doomsday Trigger before Mako gets us. Join Sean as he combats difficult terrain and heavy enymy gunfire to stop Mako in his tracks. Hold on to your seats as the action unfolds amidst a sea of rapid crossfire, thunderous explosions and breathtaking paratrooping stunts in a state-of-the-art amphitheater. A truly earth-shattering experience not to be missed!!!

Boxing show

Boxing_Show_in_Safari_World_Bangkok_Thailand Your closest cousions will tickle you with their keen sense of humor and and dazzle you with their mathematical gifts. It is non-stop entertainment at its best as orang utans dish out trick after trick, from engaging the swing-bars to engaging a coconut! An who could miss the world’s first and only orang utan boxing show, starring the funniest and hairiest champions of the Olympics? Whether hanging upside-down or rightside up, be sure to hang out with the orangutans at Safari World!!!

Bird show

Bird_Show_in_Safari_World_Bangkok_Thailand Stand by for a stunning show as our colorful performers take a plunge from the arena to the stage. Watch with amazement and bewilderment the acrobatic and atheletic skills of these intelligent creatures and share in the intimate secrets of a pair of lovebirds. See how our feathered friends fly their way to your heart!!!

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